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Haurui Lighting Co Ltd was established in October 2009 is a research and development production sales as one of the high tech enterprises adhere to independent innovation continuous investment in product development the company has advanced optical power testing equipment with high tech R amp D team production of products such as CE ETL RHOS C TICK SAA TUV a series of certification the main products are 1 Triac dimming power supply 2 0 10V dimming power supply 3 DALI dimming power supply 4 PUSH switching power supply 5 wireless dimming drive power supply The DAL protocol is the latest product of our company which is the comprehensive embodiment of the intelligent control of the light Our...

Categories and Products

LED Drivers

Zigbee smart led driver

40W zigbee wifi smart led driver 

Waterproof led driver

12 volt 10 watt led driver 50watt 120watt 250watt dimmable led driver 120 volt 60 watt dimmable led driver 12v constant voltage 100 watt 36 volt 

PUSH dimming led driver

PUSH dimmable led downlight power supply 

Wireless dimming led driver

30W 40W 60W 80W ip20 LED driver PUSH dimmable 12V 24V led power supply 2.4G wireless dimmable 350mA 700mA LED driver RF dimmable 30W 220V to 24V led driver 

0/1-10V&PWM dimming led drivers

24v 60W waterproof led power supply 1-10V 12 volt 10 watt led driver 0-10V 1-10V 60W led switching power supply 0-10V 20W high PF led power supply 277v 0-10v led downlight driver 

DALI controlling led drivers

DALI dimmable boxed 12V led strip driver 277v outdoor waterproof led driver boxed 90W 240V dali dimmable led driver DALI 12V 24V 350mA 500mA 700mA led driver IP20 class2 dali led power supply 

Triac dimmable led drivers

Triac Dimmable LED Switching Power Supply High efficiency constant voltage led driver 80W 12v 12w 15watt 18w dimmable led driver 18watt 100mA 200mA 12volt dimmable led driver high efficiency dimmable led driver transformer 3a dimmable led driver 36V 30w 

IP20 indoor Led Driver

Plastic Triac Dimmable LED Driver

12W TRIAC dimmable led driver ETL certification constant voltage 24v 1250ma led driver constant voltage 12volt 48watt phase dimmable driver 30w triac dimmable constant current led driver 12W 12V 24V dimmable led power supply 350ma/500ma/700ma/900ma triac dimmable led driver 12v/dc 4a 48watt triac dimmalbe led driver 12W 20W 30W 60W round led driver LED Strip driver 12V 1A 12w LED Strip driver 24V 2.5A 60w 12w triac dimmable driver Round led driver Round led driver 600ma SAA Features for 9-12w 350ma led driver 12volt 18watt 1500ma dimming led driver 12V 5.5A 66W triac dimmable led driver. ETL 110V 26W Dimmable LED Driver ETL 24v 1100ma 26W Dimmable LED Driver​ 9W TRIAC dimmable constant current led driver 80W DALI dimmable led driver AC input 250ma 300ma plastic triac dimmable led driver 

Plastic 0-10v Dimmable Led Driver

12W 12V 1000mA 0-10V dimmable led driver 12w 0-10v dimmable constant current led driver 80w 0-10v dimmable led driver 30w plastic 0-10v dimmable led driver 30w round shape 0-10V dimmable led driver 12w Plastic 0/-10V/1-10V Dimmable Led Driver 12V 5.5A 66W 0-10V dimmable led driver 25w 0-10V Dimmable LED Driver for Downlights Dimmable LED Light Driver Transformer Power Supply 8-12W 45W 0-10V Dimmable Led Driver for Downlights 0-10v dimming 12v/dc 1A 12W led driver 12v 0-10v dimmable led driver 20w 0-10v 10v dimmable switching power supply 20w 0-10v 10v 12v dimmable switching power supply 2000ma 0-10v Dimmable 80w LED driver for UL 12v 45w Led driver ETL CE RoHS certificates 36w 0-10V round Dimmable Led Driver 36w 0-10V Dimmable Led Driver for Downlights 0-10v led power supply Constant Current 45W round shape dimmable led driver 24VDC 2080mA 

Plastic DALI Dimmable LED Driver

TUV Authentication DALI Dimmable 60w led driver DALI dimmable 12W 12v 24v led driver Plastic Dali dimmable constant current led driver shenzhen led driver dali dimmable 30w 30w 350mA 750mA dimmalbe constant current led driver 30-40V/DC 750mA dimmalbe constant current led driver 24W 30W plastic dali dimmable led driver 24W Dali Dimmable Led power supply 12w plastic dali dimmable led driver 20w plastic dali dimmable led driver 30watt dali dimmable led driver 40w plastic dali dimmable led driver 60w plastic dali dimmable led driver 80 plastic dali dimmable led dirver 12W 12V 1000mA DALI dimmable led driver constant current DALI Led dimming driver 80W 20w transformers for led strips with SAA certificates 12W Outdoor Power Supply With DALI Dimming 

Plastic Wireless Dimmable Led Driver

60W wireless dimmable led driver wireless dimmable 12W led driver High Efficienc 2.4g RF remote control Power Supply 20w plastic wireless dimmable led driver 

Plastic PUSH Dimmable Led Driver

45w push dimmable led driver for downlights 20w push dimmable led driver 30w push dimmable constant current led driver CE approval PUSH dimming 60w led driver 80w consant voltage 12v push dimmable power supply push switch dimmable led driver 80w 60w switching power supply waterproof led driver pwm dimmable led driver Constant Voltage DC12V 

Plastic Flicker Free Led Driver

40w Flicker free Trailing Edge Dimmable 60w flicker free triac dimmable led driver Flicker free 0-10V dimming LED Driver 12W 20w Flicker free 0-10V dimming LED Driver 75 Watt Non Noise Triac Dimmer LED Driver No noise 80w dimmable led driver TRIAC 24v/dc 2500ma 60w triac dimmable led driver 20w no flicking little noise led driver 400mA 750ma 800mA constant current led driver 

Led Downlight Led Driver

12W round led driver for led downlight 

IP65 outdoor Led Driver

IP65 Triac Dimmable Led Driver

20W constant current IP65 Aluminum triac led driver 100W 12V Constant Voltage Strips Lights Led Driver 100W Dimming Waterproof LED Driver 100W Dimming Waterproof LED Driver with Ce RoHS 24V 40W IP67 Ce RoHS Waterproof LED Driver IP67 Constant Current LED Driver With triac Dimming 120V small high voltage led driver 100 watt 36 volt dimmable led driver 700mA dimmable led driver transformer 

IP65 0-10v Dimmable Led Driver

24V 100W 0-10V dimmable Waterproof Power Supply waterproof 40w led driver 900ma led driver 100W 12V Waterproof 0-10V Led Driver with PFC 0-10V dimmable IP67 Waterproof Led Driver waterproof 0-10v 0v 10v 1-10v dimming led driver Hot sales 80W DC12V LED 0-10v dimming driver 0-10v dimmable constant current led driver 500ma 150W 120V class2 led driver 0-10v dimmable constant current led driver 100w dimmable high power led driver 100W PWM led driver led power supply 

IP65 DALI Dimmable Led Driver

100w dali dimmable led driver 100w aluminum dali dimmable led driver 100w constant current dali dimmable led driver 100w constant voltage dali dimmable led driver 24V 100W dali dimmable Waterproof Power Supply 12V 1A IP67 waterproof dimmable led driver 12V IP67 waterproof dimmable led driver 12V 20W IP67 waterproof dimmable led driver 12w dali dimming waterproof led driver dali dimmable waterproof power supply 100w 80w dali dimming led driver for waterproof ip67 Dali dimmable driver 60W waterproof led driver IP67 Current constant 80w waterproof led driver Dali Dimmable 60W waterproof led driver IP67 

UL/ETL Junction Boxed Led Driver

Metal Triac Dimmable Led Driver

UL Junction boxed 12v LED power supply 110V 24V dimmable led driver 12v ETL 20w metal led driver metal 40W TRIAC dimmable led driver 40W Junction Boxed Triac Dimmable Led Power Supply 9-300W Metal/plastic/IP65 Aluminum Dimmable led driver 110V/AC ETL/UL 20w Metal triac led driver 20w metal triac dimmable led driver 30w constant voltage led driver 40w metal triac dimmable led driver 36W UL junction box led driver UL/ETL Junction boxed led driver 80w triac 100w UL Junction boxed led power supply 100W ul 110V to 12V led driver 40W12V LED driver with metal Junction box 36 Volt 60W Ul/ETL Junction Box Led Driver 24v constant voltage class 2 led driver ETL IP65 Class2 led driver 100w 60w 80w IP65 J-BOX led driver 

Metal 0-10v Dimmable Led Driver

12w 0-10v dimmable Junction box led driver 0-10v dimmable 350ma junction box led driver 12vdc 1-10v led panel driver 120V 100W 0-10V dimmable led driver j-box class2 IP65 ETL led driver 

Metal DALI Dimmable LED Driver

dali dimmable 12v junction boxed led driver 100w Metal dali dimmable led driver 120v high power led driver power supply 250mA 600mA 30 watt led driver Junction boxed IP65 ETL led power supply 110V 100W 12V 24V DC DALI led driver 

Metal PUSH Dimmable Led Driver

80W IP65 class2 24V led driver 

Metal Flicker Free Led Driver

40W 50W 60W 24VDC led driver 40W 50W 60W 24VDC led driver 

LED Strip Led Driver

24v 40w IP rated led driver 48w dimmable junction boxed led adapter ETL boxed dimmable 12V 24V led driver 150W 12V 24V triac dimmable led driver 20W 24v constant voltage dimmable led driver 12W 24V 500mA boxed led driver 12W 12V 1000mA junction boxed led power supply ETL 12v 24v 12W LED strip driver 60W 12V IP65 J-BOX led power supply junction box 120V to 12V led power supplies class2 J-BOX IP65 led power supplies 

100-300W High Wattage LED DRIVER

led driver 24v 100w 0-10v dimmable led driver 24v 120w 0-10v dimmable led driver 24v 150W 0-10v dimmable led driver 24v 200W DALI dimmable led driver 24v 200w ip67 LED DALI Dimming driver 240W 0-10v dimmable led driver 240w Led Street Light Driver 150W dimmable led driver Triac Dimmable 150w Waterproof led power supply, DC12 IP67 Waterproof LED Driver 150W 6.5A 24V dali dimmable 200w Street lamp led driver dimmable 200W flood light led adapter DALI universal AC power led driver 200watt 300watt 120v to 12v led driver 240w high power high current led driver DALI 200W 24V 36V high efficiency led driver IP67 DALI 300W 220V to 24V led driver 400W AC to DC24V 36V led power supply 200W 0-10V LED switch power adapter 

Round Led Driver

900ma 1200ma 60w round led driver dimmable 700mA round led driver 0-10v 12w round led driver 300ma non dimmable 20w round power supply 0-10v dimming driver 48W 1A Round dimmable Led Driver Round led downlight dimmable led driver triac dimmable round led swtching power supply 12V 1A Round led driver AC/DC led transformer with UL approval 12v dc round led driver 12V transformer 10W 350mA 700mA for round slim panle light hot sales 120vac to 12vdc led power supply 12W round led driver for etl certificates 12w round shape dimmable led driver round shape 12v 24v led driver round 12watt 12volt dimmable led driver 120V to 12V 12W 350mA led driver Round 12v constant voltage dimmable led driver 12vdc dimmable led light driver 350mA 400mA 500mA 600mA dimmable led driver 

Commercial Lighting LED Driver

LED Panel Lights Driver

20w dali dimmable led panel lights driver 500mA 30V 50V led panel driver supply 50w 12volt dc led driver dali led dimming driver 12volt 30watt 

LED Downlights Driver

18W 0-10V Dimmalbe Led Downlights Driver 15w 12v triac dimmable led downlights driver constant voltage constant current dimmable led driver 350mA 24watt 36watt led downlight dimmable driver constant current or constant voltage led power supply 

Led Strip Light With Led Driver

SMD2835 dimmable 15W led strip light DC12V 24V triac dimmable led strip light DC12V 0-10V 60W led strip set DC24V 0-10v dimmable 100W led strip set 30w external led lamp driver switch 277volt to 2volt 2amp dimmable led driver 48 volt 24v constant voltage dimmable led driver 

Led Flood Light Driver

dimmable outdoor use 300W led flood driver 300W 220V to 24V dimmable led power supply 300W DALI dimmable IP65 led transformer 100W high power dimmable constant current led driver 

Zigbee Dimmable Led Driver

zigbee dimmable 300W led power supply zigbee 12W dimmable led driver Zigbee dimmable led downlight led adapter mobile app control dimmable 20W led driver WIFI dimmable 30W led driver 

40W Led Driver

IP65 40w 12v triac dimmable led driver 40w 12v 0-10v dimmable led power supply 40W 0-10v round led downlight driver 40w triac 12V ETL led driver 

150W Dimmable Led Driver

150W DALI 12V 24V dimmable led power supply DALI 24v DC led driver 150w constant voltage led driver 12v DALI 0-10V 150W flicker free led driver 

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